Precision Tuned Capital

Our growth capital is carefully calibrated to your brand's stage, sector, and strategic needs, ensuring that each investment propels you towards your growth targets.


Global Expansion Strategists

We're not just investors; we're global strategists helping you navigate new markets with localized insights and tactics designed to win over consumers worldwide.


Entrepreneurial Synergy

We form symbiotic partnerships with the projects we fund. Beyond capital, we share our knowledge, networks, and nuance to not only grow your business but also to cultivate your legacy.


Resource Enhancement

In addition to capital; we amplify it by streamlining supply chains, magnifying marketing efforts, digitizing workflows , accelerating innovation or C-Suite enhancement.



At Caro, we understand the importance of digital marketing in today's world. We use our expertise to help brands increase their recognition at home and abroad.

Our mission is to create an effective marketing strategy for you that will help your business grow. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are confident in our ability to achieve results.

about us - Elevate your business with Caro

your digital transformation powerhouse!

We're in the business of turning traditional commerce into digital dynamite, offering growth capital to supercharge your journey.With a decade of e-commerce and tech wizardry under our belt, we're here to catapult businesses of all sizes into online success.

Our suite is your digital launchpad: from crafting custom e-commerce platforms to strategic marketing that captivates, we fuel your growth.

With Caro the transition to digital isn't just a step; it's a giant leap forward. Get set to soar in the digital realm!

Our Management team

Our management team is a powerhouse of industry leaders with deep expertise across key sectors. Our finance veterans excel in navigating economic complexities, while our digital mavens push the boundaries of innovation. United in their pursuit of excellence, this team not only meets goals but sets new benchmarks in business expansion.

Meriesha is an experienced operational telecom executive, working with suppliers such KCOM, KCOM, Verizon, Voxbone, BT/Openreach, 24Seven and AQL.

Meriesha Rennalls


Over a decade working across brand management, digital marketing and event management in a variety of industry sectors, including financial services, engineering, telecoms, MedTech and also agency side.

Hannah Hosanee

Marketing Director

An entrepreneur, an aviator, and an investor, having started and exited multiple. Board member of Peaceful Mind Foundation in The Middle East, an affiliated institution of UN global compact.

Wissam Mehyou

Business Development

Pavle is a seasoned executive, and a serial entrepreneur having started his career at EY, and provides advisory services to industrial and engineering organizations.

Pavle Andjelkovic


— Success is just a video conference AWAY —
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